Contact Zone Gammel Strand

Jonas pibe

The photographs in this exhibition capture the archaeological excavation sites in Spring 2014. See it at Gammel Strand on the green fence from 10. July 2014.

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Museum of Copenhagen

Vesterbrogade 59

DK-1620 København V

Phone +45 33 21 07 72

Opening Hours:

Every day 10 am - 5 pm

The dream of a greener city

Do you think it would suit Copenhagen to be a little greener? Should plants grow on the Stock Exchange or should there be trees in the Round Tower? Or how about just letting Inner City be covered of a lush rainforest?

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The dream of a city

Legetøj i ShaneThe Dream of a City is an exhibition where you and the grown-ups with you can build your ideas for the city of the future. 

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