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Exhibition about trash at Museum of Copenhagen


Copenhagen is build on it and we contend with it every day. We recycle and repair; we throw away and we dump. The Museum of Copenhagen invites children and grown ups to discover the city’s world of waste.

About the exhibition

Landfill, Copenhagen.
TRASH! is an exhibition for children and grown ups about the way the city and its citizens have lived and still live with the waste.

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Children activities

Play and lean in the exhibition about trash at Museum of Copenhagen
In a wonderland of waste and recycled materials children and grown ups kan explore and feel the garbage on their own body

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Exhibition about trash and the city's world of waste, giftshop
A note book made of rhino poo, jewellery made of tractor tires or building blocks made of maize. Give your grandchildren or friends from school a unique birthday present or buy the findings of a dumpster diver. Visit the TRASH! giftshop.

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